4 marketing efforts business owners can do with minimal assistance

Planning to start or already opened a small consulting business, a local consignment shop, a café, or other business venture? Chances are you are constantly looking for ways to attract more leads without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll provide you with some of the best marketing efforts you can do yourself with minimal assistance to market your business while saving you money.

First things first – set a goal and a budget. The first step before starting a solid marketing effort is to outline your end-game and strategising your budget. The first question consultants ask businesses going through restructuring is their ultimate goal. This is when you need to decide what is important to the business; do you want to spread your reach or capitalize on local exposure? Are you looking for conversions or brand awareness?

Now here’s the marketing efforts to start:

Website creation. Without a working and effective website, you risk losing a lot to your competition. Websites are now a vital marketing engine that drives your business across regions of the world, through which you can gain leads and sales like never before (if you’ve never owned one before). You can now use premium online tools to make your own website and customize it to contain the features you need. Don’t worry as online website creators have a step-by-step guide to help you.

Social media. Social media is the rage today – a majorly free marketing tool that alongside a website can vastly improve your reach and branding effectivity. You just need to follow instructions and watch videos to reach your maximum potential. Venues include Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Starting a blog. Starting a blog is a straightforward way to be a thought leader in your industry. A thought leader is an expert organization or individual who imparts important technical or industry articles that allow learning for your audience, plus it has the benefit of marketing your expertise while allowing leads to link back to you when they need the brand or assistance on their requirements.

Email marketing. Email marketing is free through websites like Mailchimp. Whether you need to sell products, share a company news, or tell a story, email marketing lets you use a free or premium builder to make it easy to generate email campaigns that best suit your marketing needs.

Worth remembering – Developing good quality content is a rule, not an exception, regardless of your business type. If there’s anything you can’t actually do yourself – even though you can start most of the strategies in this article, it’s content marketing. Study your competition and see what works for them – and don’t be afraid to consult experts to assist you when it comes down to creating marketable content.

End Note

Now that you have a goal and a plan, it’s time to start planning and making use of these marketing efforts. This will help you gain and retain loyal customers as well as keep your followers engaged. Marketing your business and always keeping up-to-date with the industry techniques will keep you successful and on the frontline of the industry.

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