5 of the best apps and phone devices for your business in 2015

There are far too many apps on the app store for any one person to keep track of – particularly when that person is part of a business, when the pressures and demands of the average working day make it often times impossible to dedicate much time to anything else.

The same is true of peripherals and gadgets that add on to your phone and extend its use.

Despite this, apps and phone add-ons can make your life better – both in terms of making your business run more efficiently, and in terms of helping your employees to function better both inside and outside of working hours.

With that being the case, we thought it would be useful to give you a run down of some of the best current apps and gadgets on the market. Some are old classics, and some are brand new, so have a look and try to see if any would be worthwhile for your business and its employees.

Expenses OK

This is a brilliant little app that helps you track what you’ve been buying. This is useful both in and out of work. You can use it to check how much you’ve spent during the week, but you can also use it to create a neat and tidy list of your work expenses, making the filling out of the dreaded expenses form that little bit easier.

Mobile PDQ Machine

If your business is mainly mobile – i.e. that you run deliveries, drive taxis or do something else that requires a lot of moving around, a mobile Process Data Quickly (PDQ) card machine like the ones available from Card Cutters is a great way to take payments from your clients. The best thing about them is that they don’t require a fixed mobile or Wi-Fi connection, and they take their connection from any majour phone provider signal in the area.


Simply put, Scribe is a brilliant and currently freely available app for your phone that allows you to take notes on your Mac, and then have them instantly transferred to your iPhone by clicking Command + Shift + X. Genius.


Blek is an innovative little puzzle game where the aim is to draw a line that intersects the coloured dots, while avoiding the black ones. If your employees play this on the way into work even for 5 minutes, they’ll be raring to go for the day.

HDMI adaptor

This is a classic gadget that no smartphone owner should be without – particularly those in business who may be editing notes or presentations on their phones on their way to a client meeting and need some way to project it to a larger display.

So there you have it: 5 smartphone apps and gadgets you shouldn’t be without in 2015. For more, check out these.

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