Web development tips for increasing online sales

Although you might not realize it, the design of your online storefront affects your sales directly. This includes everything from your shopping cart to the landing pages. If you look at it from a shopper’s perspective, it makes sense: every shopper wants a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. Sometimes, online stores are too artsy and […]


Use Video to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

In the ever-changing world of marketing, there are few ways to make as big an impact as video. Whether you choose a simple, straightforward, conversational video or a big-budget fancy one with amazing music and imagery, connecting with your customers through the lens of a camera pays off better than any other marketing tactic. Virtually […]


How to Prevent Your Cell Phone from Being Hacked

With more of our online activity being increasingly conducted through mobile devices and smart phones it is important to understand some of the risks that can occur, often without us ever knowing. While it is rare that a computer user would access the internet without password protections, antivirus software and firewalls in place, many of […]


Two Questions to Ask an Expert in SEO

SEO – search engine optimization – is one of the most important tools in terms of making your mark on the online world. If you have a business, it is vital not only that you have a website, but also that you engage in stringent SEO practices so that people actually find it. While most […]