Website Design Technology – Some Current Popular Trends

Over the last few years, the web design industry has undergone a big transition, thereby, coming up with some of the popular techniques. While some of of them became recently popular, others have been the outcome of invention. The birth of several new ideas has let web designers add many new dimensions to their art. […]

4G LTE Use To Rise By 200 Per Cent This Year

According to new data published by ABI Research, the technology market research company, the use of 4G LTE data networks will grow by more than 200 per cent in 2013. This is considerably more than the 99 per cent which 3G data traffic is expected to rise by. Experts at ABI Research are predicting that […]

Effects of Penguin 2.0 update on SEO

Release of Google Penguin 2.0 was a much anticipated event this year for watching the impact of modified Google algorithm. It has been quite sometime after Penguin 2.0 has gone live on 22 May 2013 and many sites have already experienced its effects on their SEO performance. This updated Google algorithm targets at spammy websites, […]

Will Google Glass Change Internet Marketing?

Here’s the thing about Google Glass- it’s definitely got the technical prowess to make people stand up and take notice. Really, for eyewear installed with a screen that sits right above an individual’s general field of view and features such as an in-built processor, camera, head-tracking orientation sensors and other smart phone equivalent functionalities, that […]

Reasons why you should do Social Media Marketing

There is a wealth of options for you to grow your online presence for you business online. You can choose to utilize search engine optimization, or search engine marketing. Either one will yield high-ranking results for search engine queries from potential customers. A newer and more readily available way for you to get your name […]

How to Select a Good Web Hosting Provider

Learning how to select a dependable web host for your website hosting wants is a vital and complicated decision. Make sure that you get ready a detailed list of your website hosting necessities before you start finding to search the most appropriate web host. Here are few ‘verification’ options to make sure that your web […]

The Importance of SEO Training for Online Marketing Success

SEO, or search engine optimization as it is popularly called, is a necessity when it comes to companies trying to maintain and create an online image. Not only from the viewpoint of brand awareness, but also from the profit-line perspective, SEO has become important for each and every company. SEO techniques help these companies to […]