Awareness and Exploring Options Helps the Domain Name Process

Every online business starts in pretty much the same place. The selection of the domain name is one of the earliest steps in bringing any type of online entity into existence. However, not all domain names are created equal. Premium domain names, which are often common and/or popular phrases and words, can cost much more than a traditional domain. In short, the premium variety are much easier to promote and simpler to communicate. Because of this situation, premium names can be snatched up quickly and hard to acquire, but through a few tried and true techniques every digital company can land the domain it is looking for.


Bid Anonymously

One of the most popular ways to acquire a top level domain name is to bid anonymously from a certified domain name registry. During the process the potential buyer sets a price that is communicated in private to the current owner. The owner has no idea who is trying to purchase the domain, but gets to make a decision based solely on price as whether or not to sell. The method is a great way for a company to keep a low profile and still have a chance of acquiring the domain it is seeking.

Resale Inventory

A lot of domain name services keep a stock of premium domains that are currently for sale. Simply because a search indicates a name is taken, there is no guarantee that the name is currently in use. Therefore, any company looking to get a boost from that perfect domain might learn that the name is actively for sale from the current owner. Checking the resale inventory of domain name registries is a great way to uncover those hidden gems.

Expired Domains

Domains expire all the time. Either the current owner decides ownership is not worth the investment or the name is simply not deemed necessary. The reasons are as varied as the entities themselves. Along these lines, companies seeking a perfect domain need to be aware that the ideal site name might be ready to expire in a week. Constant vigilance and research is required to stay on top of what becomes available. Luckily, many domain name registries allow users to sign up for lists detailing what becomes available at any given moment to simplify the entire process.

In the end, finding the perfect premium domain requires a combination or luck and strategy. Since prices for these domains can far outstrip the normal registration cost, businesses need to set a budget before research begins. Every online business needs a domain in order to become established, and finding the perfect one can require some different techniques. By staying in the loop on expiring domains, bidding anonymously on current ones, and checking resale inventories, every business looking to break into the digital landscape can have a chance at building the perfect brand. In short, websites all start at the same place, but the path to get there can be extremely different.

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