Best tips and tricks for new and experienced bloggers

Blog writing can be a really fun activity, something to fill up your time and that makes for an engaging hobby. If you get good at it and find a renewed passion with writing, it can become a job if you manage to put the right amount of research into it. Coming up with fresh content each week, or however often you decide to post, can be tricky. This is why its important to stay up to date on current events or whatever is happening within the field in which your blog is about. If you find that its hard to stick to one topic, then when you create your blog, do so as an eclectic assortment of subjects that interest you, rather than push yourself into one corner. If you love to bake, you could certainly have a blog on baking, or you could have a blog on all things kitchen which allows you to stretch your wings and incorporate many other facets of chef life. Not that you cant write primarily about baking, but if you come across some interesting article on kombucha, or you start to pickle things, its easier to transition into those blogs.

Having clear and interesting photographs is a big draw for the readership. Along with having regularly updated blog posts, having photos to stand beside it and tell a story right alongside your words, can make a big impact. People love to fawn over photographs and being able to have a visual representation of what you are saying will help with in-taking the information.

Having a comments section can make all the difference in how your readers feel connected to you and each other. The conversation can take all new direction when you are able to step in and answer questions or provide insights on things that you have shared with others. It can also help you to come up with new topics and learn what your readers are interested in. Keeping them engaged in conversation shows that you have an interest in how you are being perceived and how the information you are sharing is being absorbed.

Its important to stay on a regular schedule so that you don’t lose momentum and your readers don’t lose touch of your voice. Giving them something to look forward to every week is a good way to gain their trust and loyalty, which are important if you ever plan on turning this hobby into something that can bring in some income.

Ads are one of the most used ways to direct income though most readers do not want to visit a page that is full of them. Product placement can go a long way, especially if you are paying attention to the conversations your articles are bringing up and you can learn what different kinds of items would help your readers. This is especially helpful if you are writing about topics where you need certain things, such as different pans for baking, or different car seats for your children. The most important thing is to have fun and make sure your information is correct!

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