Why IOS/Apple is the Best Platform to Develop Mobile Applications

Over the years, there has always been the debate on the choice of platform for developing mobile applications. The battle royale always pits Android app development against iPhone development companies. Consequently, there’s always something fascinating and new in the market when it comes to end user and app development. Due to the cutthroat competition between […]


The Dangers of Using iPhone Spy Apps

Now that iPhone spy apps have become a norm, a large number of people are using them without taking into consideration the consequences. More often than not, apps like these are installed on someone else’s device without their consensus, and then the user continuously see each and every activity being performed on that phone. This […]


Android Task Management: How to Rein In Your Running Apps

What’s a running app? It’s a succubus for your Android phone. Seriously, when you open an app, it won’t close unless you manually close it. Most people don’t because they assume closing the window closes the app – wrong. That’s the magic of “multi-tasking.” Apps are left open permanently. And, while Google Play is full […]

Five Latest Gaming Apps for You

With technology advancing every day, many smart devices have been launched in the market comprising of new features that are more advanced and are attractive to many. The current trend is heading towards Smartphones, which are designed with some of the best operating systems and have multi dual core processors that provide high speed and […]