Why IOS/Apple is the Best Platform to Develop Mobile Applications

Over the years, there has always been the debate on the choice of platform for developing mobile applications. The battle royale always pits Android app development against iPhone development companies. Consequently, there’s always something fascinating and new in the market when it comes to end user and app development. Due to the cutthroat competition between […]


How Does Virus Protection Software Work?

Computer viruses are incredibly destructive programs that put themselves on your computer without your knowledge or consent. They then start to duplicate very rapidly, until they have infected every element of your computer. Generally, they will also do something more specific. For instance, some may search specifically for your stored login details and passwords. Others […]


How to Manage Remote Workers Effectively

Working remotely is becoming more widely adopted by businesses around the globe, especially among those looking to bridge the communication gap between staff and management as well as helping to keep employees motivated by the prospect of working from wherever they like. But for managers facing the new trend, who might find it difficult to […]


Using Promotional Products: Major Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

When used effectively, promotional products can be powerful brand ambassadors, but far too many companies tend to make fundamental and sometimes major mistakes when using them. Customized promotional products come in numerous different formats and whether you are using calendars or custom playing cards and anything else that is designed to market and advertise your […]


Website Promotion: What You Need to Know About YouTube

Consider explaining a website to someone living in the early 1900s. One could describe a newspaper, but comprised of interactive, audio-visual elements. Remembering the popularity of the television’s advent, people of ago would be interested to hear about the visual elements of websites, video. YouTube is among the web’s most-trafficked sites. In addition to intriguing […]


Android Task Management: How to Rein In Your Running Apps

What’s a running app? It’s a succubus for your Android phone. Seriously, when you open an app, it won’t close unless you manually close it. Most people don’t because they assume closing the window closes the app – wrong. That’s the magic of “multi-tasking.” Apps are left open permanently. And, while Google Play is full […]


Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract

Is your mobile phone contract coming to an end? Are you thinking of buying a new mobile contract or re-evaluating your existing one? With so many tariffs on the market, choosing the right contract can be confusing. So it’s important to consider a few factors to get the best out of your mobile phone contract. […]