Ensure User-Interaction With These 6 Website Elements

The success of your business depends on your website, and the success of your website depends on user-interaction. If you cannot draw people into your website within six seconds of them landing on your page, you’ve lost them for good. Chances are, they won’t come back for another visit. Use these six elements to draw people in and keep them there and interested in your brand.


1. News Page


Have a page on your website dedicated to your industry’s news. Keep your current and future customers up to date on the latest goings on in your business and in your niche. Do not just tell them what’s going on with you, if there is something important that is changing your entire industry, talk about it. This keeps people engaged. In fact, they’ll turn to your website for their news rather than other sources.


2. Review Page


Have a review page or an easy link to Yelp or another review website. You want people to review your business, as other consumers rely on this feedback to make their soliciting decisions. Don’t avoid this page or link out of fear of bad reviews. Rather, accept the bad reviews and address them publicly with a solution to the consumer’s complaint. This will help people forget the less favorable feedback.


3. Graphics and Infographics


Include plenty of graphics when make your own website. In fact, make them the higher percentage. People want to see things today, instead of just reading about them, except on your news and review pages of course, so make certain your website is visually stimulating and pleasing. Use plenty of infographics to educate people, and use beautiful photos and videos to show your products. Catch people’s eyes.


4. Your Brand


While you’re making everything pretty, also make certain to establish your brand on your website and across your social media platforms. People must be able to identify you at first glance, so they’ll click to your pages. For example, people know Nike immediately by its swoosh and Starbucks by its mermaid. You must have a clickable logo that says it’s you on everything so people can jump to your site.


5. Expose Yourself


Not literally. People want to interact with you, with your brand, so part of your user-interface is an About Me page that isn’t just a quick snippet and an email form. Give your users access to you by telling them who you are and providing links to your social media and storefront pages. Also include an email address, not just a form, phone numbers, and a physical address or PO box.


6. Interact Yourself


Don’t build all this user-friendly interaction and then walk away. Keep active on your website and social media platforms. Keep all pages up to date and filled with content that is relevant to today’s user. Don’t let any of your online presence go stale, and make certain to interact with your audience on all platforms. Also, have fun contests and activities to keep people on your website and social media pages.


These are six ways to get people on your website and social media pages and keep them there. Think user-friendly interface that is fresh, fun, and easy to navigate.

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