Five Latest Gaming Apps for You

With technology advancing every day, many smart devices have been launched in the market comprising of new features that are more advanced and are attractive to many. The current trend is heading towards Smartphones, which are designed with some of the best operating systems and have multi dual core processors that provide high speed and dynamic performance.

These Smartphones also come along with applications that are useful in the daily lives. The applications are classified in different categories such as entertainment, education, news, games, sports and many more. These categories are further divided into different themes including puzzles, racing, arcades, action games, tongue twisters, among others. Some games are normally free and can be downloaded from the internet while others are bought. For you to play the games you need to have a Smartphone with you. With this device, you are sure to enjoy any type of gaming app on the go.

Below are five latest gaming apps for you:

1. Angry Birds

• This is an amazing type of game, which was developed by Rovio Mobile Entertainment Ltd.
• The game comes under the arcade and action categories.
• What one needs to do is to destroy the fortresses of the greedy pigs. This is done using the help of the birds.
• In case you are in danger and you cannot complete the level then you are allowed to call upon the “mighty eagle” whose purpose is to act as an angel.
• You are allowed to call for the eagle’s help once.
• There exist up to seven levels in the game with each game consisting of 80 to 100 missions.

2. Subway Surfers

• The Subway Surfer game is a dynamic game, which was developed by Kilo Games Ltd.
• The game entails surfing at different places.
• The game also entails the chasing of Jake from the grumpy inspector.
• One has to be quick and also fast in order to escape the cops. One also needs to evade from the oncoming trains.
• The game comes with HD graphics.

3. Solitaire

• This is currently the oldest game that is played by a bigger number of people.
• The game was designed by Ken Magic Entertainment Ltd and is comprised with four models, which are Spider, Forty Thieves, Regular, and FreeCell models.
• The game is made with excellent graphics and colorful cards, which make the game interesting to play.
• A player is allowed to undo in case he checked with the wrong card and continue with the game to the end.

4. Temple Run

• This game is the most played and popular in the current generation.
• The game is installed in all Smartphones. The game was designed by Imangi Studious.
• In order to play the game one needs to run for his life by stealing the cursed idol from the temple.
• Demon monkeys follow you so you have to run for your life while dodging all the walls and cliffs.

5. Fruit Ninja

• This is another entertaining type of gaming app where you are required to slice the fruits.
• The game was developed by Half brick Studious.
• All a player is required to do is to sweep across the screen to cut the fruits.

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