Gaming Apps are on the Rise: Dive in With These 3 Outstanding Games

With how accessible smartphone devices are becoming, there’s no longer a valid excuse not to get a taste of the broad selection of gaming apps available for download. The ones we’re going to cover today are free to play. This is a relatively new model of monetization – instead of charging the end-user directly, the developers get their money from other sources such as in-game ads or optional in-app purchases.

But with so many gaming apps to choose from, which ones deserve your time and dedication the most? The titles we’ve chosen cater to a wide demographic of gamers, and should keep you busy whenever you feel like killing some time:

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Create a custom-tailored deck of cards and face your enemies in an interactive showdown of minds. Can you use your wits and an unique strategic approach to figure out what type of deck your opponent is playing and come up with a counter-strategy?

Hearthstone is a card game designed for those who are fed up with complicated rules and would like to join the action without the nuisance of having to spend an enormous amount of time just to be able to know what’s going on. That being said, the game is by no means dumbed down, as lots of competitive eSports players are participating in online and offline tournaments all around the world to this very date.

Pokemon Go

Although the original hype has died down a bit over time, Pokemon Go remains a popular gaming app that brings people of all ages together, even those who have a completely different academic, ethnic, or religious background.

Brighten up the world around you by catching Pokemon, those cute little critters everyone has grown to recognize and love. After assembling a team of your own, feel free to (physically) travel around the world or explore your local area with nothing more than a smartphone in your hands and engage in virtual battles that will determine the greatest Pokemon master in your region.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Strategy game lovers only need to visit, and within minutes, they will be armed with everything they need in order to enjoy one of the most popular strategy gaming titles of the recent years.

Final Fantasy XV puts you in command of a huge army you can use to conquer the world or protect your village against the would-be conquerors trying to pillage it. Can you make complex strategic decisions by choosing to focus your resources on either growing your army as soon as possible, or developing your town’s infrastructure and economy first?

The game will also put your analytical capacities to the test. Are you willing to study the game deeply enough to recognize what your opponents are doing in an instant, then adapting your own strategy and overcome those who are trying to oppose you?


By installing one of these 3 popular mobile games (or all of them if you so choose), we guarantee you won’t be running out of things to do anytime soon. Whether you’re looking for some quick entertainment while waiting for somebody, or a deep gaming experience filled with constant learning and thrill, these titles are designed to please both of these groups of gamers. Given the fact that all of them are completely free to play, what’s stopping you from giving them a spin?

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