Getting on top of the social media game

Everyone knows the importance of social media in generating buzz, preserving customer loyalty, and attracting new customers. Despite this widespread knowledge, the interesting fact is that most business owners do a poor job of managing their social media presence. The problem primarily stems from insufficient investment, and trying to manage the task entirely in-house.

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If your business has less than 100 employees, it’s probably a total waste of money to handle your social media as an in-house task. It may be fun to pretend you’re a Fortune 500 company, but in the long term it can prove costly.

What you really need is to work with a dedicated agency that has the expertise in managing online campaigns for full effect. If you have a small-to-medium business, your ordinary employees should not have time to manage your social media tasks unless you have hired them to do only that, and in most cases that would be foolish because most small business simply don’t have the resources to pay for full time staff to manage such a big job. If you’re not aware of how big the task really is, that just means you’re already doing it wrong!

According to British digital media agency Bulldog SEO, social media management is essential in keeping your online presence relevant. You will need to at least be posting regular updates to all the important social media channels, and the quality of what you post should be beyond reproach.

This is perhaps the one thing that can be considered the key to social media success: quality. Every post should be relevant to your audience, and should be interesting and engaging. You need to get audiences talking about you, and associating your brand with good feelings.

These days it is easy and affordable to create excellent quality content, including great text copy, awesome graphical presentations, and inspiring video clips, so there really is no excuse to not be creating top quality content on a regular basis, even if you only have a low budget. There are plenty of creative people out there who can help you build wonderful content for your campaigns without the need for an exorbitant outlay.

A good approach is to mix things around a bit. Use text some days, video on others, and images another day. You will also want to ensure that your social media presence is interactive, and what this means is that real people should be generating real responses to comments from the public, and they should be doing that in an expert way that adds value to the business.

Working with an experienced digital agency helps to simplify everything, as they have the knowledge and expertise to make appropriate recommendations that will suit your marketing budget and your intentions. They will understand the message that you want your audience to associate with your brand, and they will know how to achieve that in the most efficient way.

Whatever you do, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of social media as a vital ingredient in your business marketing portfolio.

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