How reseller offers similar features like that of dedicated hosting?


Varieties of hosting plans

Hosting is of various types which people can select depending on their online business requirements. A reseller hosting is an interesting hosting option wherein the account holder will be able to enjoy the power of renting out a portion of the server space allotted to him to the end users. Many hosting services offer reseller option which stays an ideal option for individual account holders to provide a part of his allotted server space to the end users. In addition, reseller plans contain a range of benefits, which the individual account holder as well the end users can make the most of it.  For example, the person who avails a reseller package will be allotted separate control panel, with which the account holder can manage hosting business also.

Defining reseller

Reseller option might appear to be beneficial for people who would like to start their hosting business, however, as far as the end users are concerned the guarantee for a hosting service with complete support will be based on how much experienced the hosting service provider is. For instance, if the reseller service provider does not possess good knowledge on server space and bandwidth maintenance, the end users will be the one affected relatively. However, organisations that are looking for different services for their business can prefer to avail reseller plan for hosting.

Server space distribution

Since, reseller options will provide more space to develop the business and when it comes to an organisation they may need different website to manage various needs for their business. In such a condition, organisations might require many websites under different URLs, however managing different websites for various needs will cost higher amount also. Reseller will stay an ideal option because; with reseller, organisations can allot portions of their server space to different users who can supply their required solutions for their business. In this way, organisations can manage hosting at an economical price.

Some significant features in reseller plans

Apart from allotting server space to many users, reseller plans brings more benefits relatively among the other hosting plans available. There are some significant advantages which the user can enjoy with reseller plans such as

  • Individual control panel will be allotted to the user
  • Manage your website more efficiently
  • No need to worry about server maintenance, though as a user you can enjoy similar benefits like dedicated hosting. However, the prime hosting service provider will take care of that.
  • Less expensive relatively with other dedicated hosting plans
  • Helps you to manage various business needs with the single hosting account on reseller plan.

Making more revenue

People who own their business, for which they have paid for a reseller hosting plan, yet feel the pressure of paying more for hosting can resell their server space to other websites. In this way, the user can benefit a lot for his business development and make good revenue also. Overall, reseller is a smart option for people who require benefits like that from dedicated hosting yet at a relatively cheaper cost can avail reseller plans.


One of the attractive advantages of reseller package is the maintenance part. Though reseller appears almost like dedicated hosting, yet it lies better than dedicated hosting for several reasons. For example, in dedicated hosting, the organisation that hires dedicated hosting service need to take care of the server maintenance also. However, with reseller option, in spite of enjoying several benefits like that of dedicated hosting, the user need not worry about the maintenance part of the server. The technical support team of the hosting service provider will stay with the user to support him whenever there arises any issues with the server. This is one of the interesting offers that will be included in reseller plans.

Ultimate website Control

Managing the website performance, in terms of uploading applications, traffic balancing, solving issues in website downloading speed are some of the technical aspects which the user need to manage. But choosing a reseller package, the user will be provided with all the software for him to manage his website and other features such as disk space usage, bandwidth limitations, e-mail accounts, etc.


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