How understanding web hosting features help the users to choose the right hosting plan?

web hosting

What is hosting?

Hosting is the proper and reliable means to store your website data on the internet, which in turn can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet. In other words, you may have a lot more files to be stored in your computer which if connected to internet it would stay easy to access information from your computer from anywhere you stay. A hosting facility is one that helps you to host your website in the internet network wherein, you can feel the ease of uploading or downloading data from your computer to your website. A web hosting service provider will publish your website on the computer that is connected to the internet. This in turn will allow people from all over the world to surf your website and get information from that. Though web hosting services uses a computer to activate your website in the internet world, yet the computer will be called as the server that serves your website to stay in the internet.

Services offered in common

A web hosting services will provide internet access in the fast mode, wherein, thousands of websites will be connected to the main server of the hosting company. The hosting service, will rent out portions of their server space to various users who in turn can get their website published on the internet. Hence, hosting services have been classified into various types depending on the amount of usage of the internet for their website. Some web hosting companies will maintain more than one server, wherein they will rent out every single server for individual user, this type of hosting plan is called dedicated hosting. Some users rent a whole server space from the web hosting company and resell portions of the server space to different users. However, most of the small and start-up business people would prefer to avail shared hosting service as their requirement for server space might not be more than the minimum allotted one.

Unlimited criteria

The hosting services will maintain their own limitations and restrictions when it comes to shared hosting packages. Most of the hosting companies provide unlimited offers in server space and other features yet they would impose certain allotment above which the user cannot exceed the allotted server space. There are uncountable web hosting companies available worldwide and each company will have different set of hosting plans and packages and at different prices. The type of website you own should be your main concern while selecting the hosting plan. For example, if you own a dynamic website with more features related to database, you need to be choosy in selecting the type of server.

Features of hosting to be considered

Hosting plans includes general features such as bandwidth, domain name hosting, disk space, e-mail accounts, etc. Some hosting companies offer you with free or unlimited options in disk space or bandwidth or even domain name, however, the user needs to be careful in confirming with the hosting service provider concerning the limitations in usage they would impose. As the users will be charged if they cross the bandwidth limit which is said to be unlimited up to certain amount. Hence, for websites which will attract more traffic selecting a hosting plan where they can get good internet speed will be of great use. If the bandwidth is not suitable, the website visitors might experience difficulty in downloading the web page, as the website will be filled with traffic. A good hosting service will provide excellent support for website owners in terms of suggesting then the right plan that contains appropriate bandwidth speed, server space and other relative features hence understating the web hosting basics will be of more use.

Types of hosting

Hosting is of several types, depending on the business purpose such as a small business website or a corporate website or an e-commerce website, etc hosting plans can be hired. In addition, there are special hosting facilities available for websites that are created for particular application such as gaming, e-commerce, image or video sharing, etc. where the user can opt for application specific hosting. For people who cannot afford for dedicated hosting, but still need similar features like that of dedicated hosting can choose unlimited server space hosting, and so on.


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