How You Can Choose the Right Web Hosting

Right now, business is all about how many people are sharing your content online and how many are actively following your website and social media accounts. The Internet has created a way for all companies, whether they are big corporations or small start-ups, to have an equal chance to get to their audience.

This is why there has been a surge of new websites in the years when the Internet marketing is still new. Entrepreneurs have seen it fit to create a permanent stake online, and right now, those efforts are bearing fruit. Indeed, having a website comes with benefits that business owners can take advantage of. Especially in an age where if you do not have a website yet, people will think twice about purchasing from you.

However, creating a website is more than just thinking about the design and colour scheme to use. It is not just about establishing a brand identity and web presence. It comes with another component that, while technical, is easy to understand. This component is called web hosting.

Web hosting basics

There are lots of companies that offer this service to their users. Right after purchasing your domain you can immediately get hosting in any Internet registrar of your choice.

Without being technical, web hosting is simply being able to use a certain amount of bandwidth and disk space from a web hosting company. Think of the web hosting company as a mall. They cater to different shops and stalls, each occupying space in their building — your website is one of those shops.

Kinds of web hosting

Just like any shop, there are different varieties to choose from, they are:

  • Shared web hosting – Probably the most low-cost option. This is when many websites share one hardware server. However, if one of those websites suddenly increase in traffic and use, all the other website’s performances will suffer just to cater to that one website.

  • Dedicated web hosting – Probably the most expensive option. This is when your website has its own hardware server.

  • Windows VPS hosting – In terms of price, this is the most cost-efficient option. Considered to bridge the gap between shared and dedicated servers, the Windows VPS hosting divides a hardware server into smaller virtual machines that allows users to share a server, but will still have their own system allocation.

Factors to consider when choosing web hosting companies

When you have decided which kind of web hosting you want to get, the next step is choosing where you should get it. These are factors that needs to be fulfilled when you are doing your research:

  1. Look at their uptime score
  2. Check reviews on their server reliability
  3. Required space for each kind of web hosting
  4. Website platform they cater to (WordPress, Tumblr, etc.)

An additional factor can also be the availability of SSL certificates on their website. SSL can protect your website from hackers by encrypting data being sent and received from your website server. If your site is Australia-based, then web hosting by Crazy Domains AU can provide you with the full advantage of having a website including the factors mentioned above.

Choosing the right web hosting and web hosting company can help improve your online presence. An entrepreneur worth his salt would know that in these changing times, these technological revolution, one has to adapt. And adapting means studying how you can use the Internet to your advantage.

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