Should You Switch to Serviced Offices

The current real estate landscape in London is pretty bleak. Recent figures from Knight Frank found that it currently costs $22,527 per square meter to rent in the UK capital. That makes London the fifth most expensive commercial location, behind Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. These kinds of prices force SMBs into working from […]


Five Latest Gaming Apps for You

With technology advancing every day, many smart devices have been launched in the market comprising of new features that are more advanced and are attractive to many. The current trend is heading towards Smartphones, which are designed with some of the best operating systems and have multi dual core processors that provide high speed and […]


Website Design Technology – Some Current Popular Trends

Over the last few years, the web design industry has undergone a big transition, thereby, coming up with some of the popular techniques. While some of of them became recently popular, others have been the outcome of invention. The birth of several new ideas has let web designers add many new dimensions to their art. […]


Responsive Web Design- An Inevitable Element of a Successful Website

Before the propagation of smart phones with advance browsing capabilities, the designers have only one challenge to deal with and that is to maintain the same look of the website in different computer browsers. However, in the current scenario, they are facing big issues of developing a website that should be compatible with various devices […]


How You Can Popularize Your Brand Using Social Network Marketing?

Nowadays, you cannot manage to overlook social networking marketing if you wish to popularize your brand in social sphere. Many popular social networks for example Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube can be found online that each social networking agency is heavily banking onto help make your business recognized within the social networking. Just in case, […]


How understanding web hosting features help the users to choose the right hosting plan?

What is hosting? Hosting is the proper and reliable means to store your website data on the internet, which in turn can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet. In other words, you may have a lot more files to be stored in your computer which if connected to internet it […]