Settling down with the best designing tricks for your e-commerce website

These days, people are simply in love with the thought and convenience of ordering online. It not only saves money but also their precious time and above all a trip to the local store. Although there are numerous e-commerce websites in the web, if a site is built poorly or which is unclear about the policies and pricing, customers leave. There are different core aspects of e-commerce websites which you have to know in order to avert committing the common errors.

All e-commerce websites promise to make lives of customers enjoyable and easier. People tend to find things which they don’t usually come across and ordering them is just a few clicks away. But it is sad enough to note that there are many e-commerce websites which are still not designed in the best possible way. Here are few tips and tricks of e-commerce website designing.

  • It is a must to make it mobile-friendly

It was seen that an e-commerce website which is adaptive to mobile devices definitely has some advantages over others. This has become the trend after Google passed the ‘mobile-first’ approach. The mobile-friendly approach is here to dominate for many more years as the numbers of people shopping through their hand-held devices are always on a rise. Mobile design these days is not only a way of beating your competitors but it has become a sheer necessity.

  • Say ‘Yes’ to responsive designing

As mentioned in the above point, responsive designing which is meant for mobile devices has become a definite requirement for the successful e-commerce websites. The e-commerce websites have to be designed in such a manner that they can fit in well even in bigger screens. There are many gaming consoles and Smart TVs which can change your home into a complete internet device. Research reveals that 15% of the e-commerce audience comes to websites which have a greater screen resolution.

  • Menus remain hidden

Mobile versions need few essential and common design elements to remain hidden till they are needed. The list of products in the navigation is a necessity for the e-commerce website. They can remain hidden in the small screen till a buyer takes the decision of working without the menu. This is called hamburger menu and this has become popular. This element of design is usually found on all sites on Google.

  • Images should be bold and large

Don’t hesitate to use clear and large images. They will help you in boosting sales. In 2017 and beyond that, we are probably seeing more and more pictures of higher quality. Yet another tip is that you can use photos which offer the best details of the product. You are allowed to post images which are 1000 pixels and even more. Remember that the buyer wishes to get a total picture of the product.

So, if you’re someone who is looking forward to build an e-commerce website via Shopify themes and the e-commerce platform, you should first consider the above mentioned points. Make sure you don’t commit errors which can adversely affect your sales.

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