Strategic SEO Services You’ll Need for Your Website

The best SEO companies these days offer strategic SEO services. But the term “strategic SEO” can cause some confusion. It’s quite common for people to think that the terms strategies and tactics are one and the same. Yet that’s not an entirely accurate POV. A strategy usually refers to a more comprehensive overall plan; while tactics refer to various ways and measures you need to implement in order to succeed with your strategy.

So for example, your SEO strategy may involve a long and measured way of getting higher Google rankings for local searches among millennials. But your tactics may include using videos and putting up articles that focus on keywords that younger adults tend to use.

In the past, the most common SEO strategy is to focus on keywords. This makes sense even today because keywords are what people enter into search engines in the first place. However, search engines such as Google are now taking other factors into account when issuing rankings for searches, and your SEO strategy must consider these factors as well.

Here are some strategic services that you may require if you want your website to become more visible online:

  1. Make your website useful for mobile online visitors. This is perhaps the most significant change in the SEO landscape in the past decade. Before (and arguably even today), websites were primarily designed for the larger monitors of desktop PC users. But then smartphones became more popular. Now most people have these devices with them at all times and with Wi-Fi and data plans they can go online even while they’re out shopping. It’s been already reported that more people go online with smartphones than with desktop PCs.

This paradigm shift in online browsing requires you to make sure that your website must have a version that’s geared towards the unique navigation and small screen size of smartphones. Google is now even checking if your site is compatible with mobile Internet. If it’s not, then you can be penalized with lower rankings. It’s actually more preferable to have a mobile website first before you have a traditional website for desktop PCs.

  1. Focus on web content. There was a time when web content was secondary to keyword presence in SEO. In fact, it was common practice back in the 1990s and early 2000s to engage in keyword stuffing to attract the attention of search engines like AltaVista and Yahoo. Google changed the SEO landscape, and they’re still the leaders among search engines. Google has also issued a statement that websites must focus on engaging web content with regular updates.

So you can’t just build a website and leave it as it is for months on end, and expect it to get a high ranking on Google. You’ll need to update it frequently, and you’ll have to put up interesting web content that can entice visitors to stay longer.

  1. Technical components. There are still some SEO tactics that are quite technical and complicated for many website owners and small business owners. For example, you can focus on local search tactics that can increase your online visibility among neighborhood consumers. Your best strategy here is to have experts provide you with technical SEO assistance, instead of wasting time learning to do it by yourself. You’re also more liable to get it wrong anyway.

  2. Improving the overall user experience. There’s more to the user’s online experience than just providing the right web content. You also need to take care of proper navigational tools so people can find the various pages of your site more easily. There’s also the look of your site, so you need to see to the design aspects such as color and font selection. All these can impact SEO.

You can choose the right strategic SEO services by discussing your goals with your SEO professional. With the right strategy and tactics, you can attract more visitors to your website.

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