The reciprocal relationship shared by blogging and SEO – How it has to be nurtured

It was found out by researchers that during August, 2016, there were 67 million webpages that were indexed by Google. Are you a business that’s looking forward to leverage the internet to increase customers? If answered yes, then the aforementioned number can be intimidating. For the longer sales cycles, digital marketing revolves around building of engagement. You will always want to build a good relationship with your page visitors and once you successfully build this relation, they will view you as the best authority and will also trust you in what they say.

A blog is one of the best content and SEO tactic which lets websites to build traffic, brand and also reputation. If you update a blog regularly, you can use it as a lucrative platform to produce high-value content. Here are few reasons behind why a blog is so crucial for a profitable content strategy.

#1: Search engines always look for fresh content

Search engines wish to offer the best user experience for the visitors who are busy typing their queries in the search engine bars. They always watch out for fresh and updated websites which have good content. In terms of algorithm, this is called QDF or Query Deserves Freshness where more weight is given to trending topics and recent content. The search engines interpret recent updates in a way where they mean that the page has more relevance than another website. The more a site is updated; the better will be the user experience for the customers.

#2: Coverage and targeting of keywords

Keywords are the main commodity of the search engines and such simple phrases and words can be the most misused techniques of SEO. Previously, there were companies which placed different keywords too many times throughout the content in order to outsmart their competitor websites. This kind of content can simply turn off readers and the search engines. Keywords which are used in a proper manner will most likely be a phrase that consists of few words, they will most likely be used a number of times throughout the content and they will be used with a natural voice.

#3: Larger site and increased pages

Matt Cutts has said that the sites which are larger and which has more indexed pages usually don’t rank higher in search engine result pages automatically. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not valuable to own a larger site. The value comes in the form of increased opportunity offered by the pages. Whenever you have a blog on your site, you will certainly increase the total number of pages on the site and hence there will be new opportunities to rank against definite keywords and engage the visitors.

Last but not the least, blogging helps you with few good tools for creating precious content that will be loved by both the page visitors and the search engines. The added pages of the blog will not only make your website complete but they will also engage visitors and boost SEO. You may get help from SEO Malaysia in order to take the best steps towards blogging and SEO.

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