Tips to select a unique and SEO- friendly domain name for your business

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If you are a businessman, you may realize the importance of having a good domain name for your official website to garner more traffic. Besides getting the attention, a good domain name is also responsible for making your business look and feel unique and special. If you are already involved in a business, you may have to stick to the same domain name as your business’s to keep the influx of traffic going on. However, if you are thinking of starting your very own business and wish for it to be a huge success, you must begin with thinking of a name that will benefit both, your business as well as your online presence. Given below are some tips that will encourage you to buy a domain that is SEO-friendly and exclusive at the same time.

Consumers, as a rule of thumb, opt for the results displayed by search engines to make a decision pertaining to buying or selling. The results given by search engines have a lasting impact on a consumers buying behaviour. Therefore, you need to focus on getting your website on the topmost pages of search results. This can only be done when you follow certain guidelines that are relevant to both domain names and SEO. There are 2 basic aspects of SEO which can work to your benefit by including them in your domain name.

1.)    Keywords:

It goes without saying that a keyword is an essential aspect of SEO. It is the keyword that targets a particular niche and helps gain immense traffic. However, you must note that the type of keyword you choose can impact your rankings massively. There are two types of keywords that you could possibly choose from; the Exact Match Domain, which is also abbreviated as EMD or the Phrase Match Domain, also known as PMD. Initially, a business could be carefree and choose a domain name that was either an EMD or a PMD. However, the recent algorithm updates by Google have turned the tables and therefore, scrutinizing every aspect of the domain name is crucial. The best thing that you can do is make sure that when you buy a domain, whether EMD or PMD, you also look at the branding factors that will help you in your quest to get a good ranking.

2.)    Branding:

You may not consider this an important aspect of SEO. However, if you wish for your domain name to work wonders for your business, looking after the SEO aspect is an absolute must. If you are in the process of purchasing a new domain, overlooking this factor can be considered a sin in the business world. It is your branding in the online world that eventually decides whether your business will be a soaring success or a terrible disappointment. The best part about considering this aspect is the fact that Google and branding go hand in hand. Google strongly believes that if your online brand has content worth viewing and is compelling enough to share across platforms; it will rise straight to the top of search pages. Therefore, selecting a domain name that will help you create a good brand name is extremely important.

The best thing that you can do to ensure that your domain name does well is by selecting a name that is unique and can be remembered by people. It should speak to your customers. One glance at the domain name should make it clear to your potential customers as to what the business is all about. Lastly, your domain name should make sense. It should be relevant to the business that you are involved in.

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