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If you plan on being a globetrotter or are simple planning a trip, you’ll find that there is much to do and coordinate before you go. Whether you are going alone, with family or friends, you have to be able to book a flight, a place to stay and find attractions and places you’d like to visit. All of this can be mind boggling—but no more with the use of some useful, easy-to-use apps. Travel apps are essential when embarking on any journey. But which ones should you consider?

These are the top 3 apps for you to use, when traveling throughout the U.S. or abroad:

1. PlanChat

Group planning is never easy. One person wants to do this, while another wants to do that—and it’s even harder to keep track of all of the ideas going back and forth. Planchat allows groups to coordinate their trips in a manner that is not only effective, but also involved (in part due to a photo and video share feature). So be able to keep track of all the places everyone wants to go, take images and record videos to make planning that much easier.


These days, one of the worst first world problems is not having an Internet connection. After all, we use the Internet to stay connected on social media (sharing images and videos on Facebook, Instagram, etc.), stream videos and browse the web. Without the Internet, it feels like we’ve returned back to the dark ages. Wiffinity helps in the Wi-Fi department, by accumulating unlocked Wi-Fi passwords in the nearby area. Simply select which unlocked password you’d like to use. Regardless of what their Internet status may be, make sure you are staying at a safe hotel or inn (with security monitoring).


Cool cousin is an app to use abroad. It lets you explore a city or town through the perspective of a local. So many people head over to the same hotspots (and while it’s definitely okay to act the tourist), wouldn’t it also be nice to see some locations that only the locals go to—whether it’s a market, restaurant, store, etc.? A local U.S.-based app that works exactly like Cool Cousin also exists—Localeur.

Traveling will become so much easier with these 3 apps. The planning process, exploration of a new city and comfort while traveling are now in reach on any smartphone or tablet. Just go on iTunes or Google Play to learn more about these apps or explore others that could likewise enhance your travel experience.

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