Top 5 Reasons Websites Can Load Slowly

When you try to load a website and it takes longer than it should, you start to get impatient. You wonder why the website is taking forever to load and you start to reconsider whether or not you even want to bother with the particular website anymore. But do you know what types of things are likely to slow down the time it takes to load a website? According to Web Host Pro, here are the top five reasons why a website loads slowly.

1. The amount of media on any particular webpage has a lot to do with how long it takes to load. Elements of the page such as widgets, videos, links and still images can all contribute to the slow loading time of a website. The browser you are using to view the website takes time to read each of the page’s elements, so if all of them are big files, the result is a website that loads slower than it should.

2.  When it comes to videos and still images, pictures that are not re-sized to fit the particular website can cause it to load very slowly. Both photos and videos must be optimized for any website they are found on. According to the Microsoft Development Network, if photos are not optimized, they will not load as quickly as you may want them to.

3.  The type of webpage that loads the quickest is a static web page. A static web page is easier to load because it doesn’t have as much media on it as a web page whose content is taken from a database. There are many blogging software plug-ins that can change a web page to a static web page. In general, static websites are websites that are more reliable than database driven websites.

4.  Any website that relies heavily on Flash is one that will always load slowly. They also have a tendency to crash many of the browsers that we commonly use to surf the Internet. In order to use Flash on a website and still have it load quickly, the key is to limit Flash to only the headers, banners, videos and tutorials on the website. As long as you use Flash wisely, it can be a great addition to any website. Using Flash in conjunction with XML makes for a webpage that loads quickly and easily.

5.  One of the biggest reasons that web pages load slowly is because they are often being hosted by servers that are very overloaded. As a result, every website hosted by a too crowded server will load slowly. To get around this problem, it is necessary to have a dedicated server. Make sure you don’t have more than five websites being hosted by that dedicated server and your sites will always load quickly.

Slow loading websites can be a thing of the past if you are smart enough to know how to avoid them and choose the best internet provider. Other ways to avoid having a website load slowly include keeping SPAM out of a website and eliminating external media from a website.

We all want our websites to load quickly, and now you know what it takes in order to make that happen. A well designed website on a dedicated server should have few very problems when it comes to loading content slowly.

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