Website Design Technology – Some Current Popular Trends

Over the last few years, the web design industry has undergone a big transition, thereby, coming up with some of the popular techniques. While some of of them became recently popular, others have been the outcome of invention. The birth of several new ideas has let web designers add many new dimensions to their art.


Listed below are some of the latest trends that have gained much popularity in the wen design technology:

Responsive Layouts

There is no denying that responsive web designing has become a popular trend in this present age. The websites can expand upwards and adapt to the every kind of display no matter how big or small they may be. Whether it is a desktop to the smart phone, responsive layouts allow people for a smooth viewing on every type of display. It is the ability to transform designs to any screen size. This is how web designers can now build websites with a customised feel which is unique to every kind of device.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a popular feature that has come up as a part of the high interactive website building technology. This is a new technique that lets viewers experience the joy of seamless navigation of websites. Such is the effect of this particular type of scrolling that as an user scrolls along the page, it produces a deep illusion by allowing the layers or elements of a website page move at various speed levels.

Flat UI Design

Time and again the flat UI design have always proved its simplicity. These designs appear to be simpler and flatter for use of inner shadows, drop shadows and gradients are limited compared to the other types of designs. This however is not a new technique but has gained much popularity in recent times with a lot of websites simplifying their interfaces for them to adapt to the various new gadgets.

Large background images and videos

Another rising trend of the web design industry is the using of large background images and videos. The bigger images and videos have already started to replace the texts for they have the power to create a stronger impact on the viewer. Currently web designers are preferring to use a single big image as the foundation background for the entire website.

Typography design

User interface web designers are presently concentrating more on creating simple and spacious layouts. This is where typography design steps into the scene. Because web designers are now on the verge of typographical resurgence, typography is now being employed as an art. The brilliance of Javascript and CSS have enabled web designers to follow a wide variety of typesetting methods that includes letterpress with Georgia, Avenir and Bodoni the most frequently used ones.

Swipe and tap user friendly icons and buttons

This being an age where the touch mechanism has taken over the world, web designers are focussed on adding innovation to the user friendly swiping and tapping icons and buttons. These are easy to tap and give users a joyful experience. Web designers are opting for 16px body font size and 48px wide buttons.

It can noted that all the current popular web designing trends discussed above point towards the fact that the fundamental rule is to keep the design simple and minimal.

Rik James is a business partner at Zero Above, a multi award winning digital marketing and web design Essex company.

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