Website Promotion: What You Need to Know About YouTube

Consider explaining a website to someone living in the early 1900s. One could describe a newspaper, but comprised of interactive, audio-visual elements. Remembering the popularity of the television’s advent, people of ago would be interested to hear about the visual elements of websites, video.

YouTube is among the web’s most-trafficked sites. In addition to intriguing browsers with video clips of entertainment and instruction, members, allowed to upload their content, whether commercial or personal, use it for multiple purposes.

YouTube downloaders allow site owners the ability to host videos. Hosting facilitates the promotion of a site, subsequent content and messages. Consider the following ways to energize online marketing with video.

Search Thumbnails

Thumbnails, sometimes featured in search results, serve as cue to search engines and browsers regarding a page’s content. Leverage meta tags and chosen video plug-in, selecting an intriguing picture as the content’s thumbnail. For the best results, use a DSLR camera for the image. If you’re using graphics, stick with vector images as opposed to raster images. Vector images scale nicely, and won’t pixelate.

If all you’ve got are raster images, don’t despair. You can convert them using VectorMagic. This free online tool will trace any bitmap image and convert it to a scalable vector image. Problem solved.

You want the highest resolution possible for your vector thumbnails. For images, you will want the highest optical clarity, because once you shrink them, they will tend to pixelate or become distorted. The higher the resolution, the better. This usually means spending money on a nice lens. But, if you’re doing a lot of thumbnails, and you’re serious about your site, then it’ll be worth it.

Studies reflect an increase in click-through rates when results and marketing elements feature pictures and other markup. That translates into sales, and sales translates into money.

Meta Tags

As mentioned above, content platforms, such as WordPress, allow users the ability to insert meta information, such as key terms and descriptions of posts, better alerting search engines and browsers about content.

The enterprise helps with indexing, site optimization, as well as user experience. Use logic, similar to composing an outline for a research paper, to compose major and minor categories.

Responsive Design

Responsive website material responds to a consumer’s device for optimal user experience. In some cases, such as with WordPress sites, hosted YouTube videos are not responsive, meaning they can appear stretched and awkward to a viewer depending on their device though operational.

To optimize viewer experience, make hosted YouTube videos responsive, taking direction from additional online resources. So, for example, you may want to use inherently responsive WordPress themes like Interstellar, Customizr, Twenty Fourteen, Aldehyde, and Arcade. These types of themes will automagically change in response to the device that is accessing your website. So, instead of having to build a unique mobile version of your site, you just use the responsive design, and the site changes for you – no plugins necessary.

This not only simplifies your design, it enhances the user experience. There’s little, to no, disconnect between accessing the site on a mobile device versus accessing it on a normal laptop.

Google Exposure

Consider hosting your own YouTube channel and allowing users to download and then your content with converter apps like YTD. Like Google Authorship, a YouTube channel helps gain search traction, making one’s personality, business and brand more prevalent in the most-used search engine in the world, Google, the company owning YouTube. Remember to respect intellectual property with video downloads.

Those who seek greater search presence, use Google windows of opportunity, such as YouTube channel subscriptions and Google Plus memberships. Additionally, access Google Webmaster Tools to ensure video content tagged properly and pages indexed.

Money Generation

In addition to attracting attention to one’s brand and associated products and services, YouTube can become a lucrative money-generating tool for niche and small businesses serving as affiliates and ad platforms. Sell your own merchandise or find ways to feature content to drive attention to affiliates.

In addition to joining YouTube’s ad platform, one could directly advertise for any brand, avoiding the need as YouTube to serve as an intermediary. Furthermore, one could associate with another brand, serving as affiliates to one another’s content (Consider respective surfboard and surf wax companies as affiliates for example.)

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool owned by one of the most exciting brands in tech, Google. Furthermore, Google’s search engine is the most-widely used, spicing results with YouTube content (owned by Google). Leveraging YouTube offers a wealth of advantages to those who use it wisely.

Scott Barlow is a marketing guru. He greatly enjoys finding effective ways to make technology work for you in creating a present in the market.

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