Why IOS/Apple is the Best Platform to Develop Mobile Applications

Over the years, there has always been the debate on the choice of platform for developing mobile applications. The battle royale always pits Android app development against iPhone development companies. Consequently, there’s always something fascinating and new in the market when it comes to end user and app development. Due to the cutthroat competition between iOS and Android, it has become necessary for developers to not only judge but also decide on the ideal option for career development.

The final judgment varies from company to company together with their envisioned requirements of their applications.

Here are some of the positives of building an app on IOS:

#1: Desirable App Quality

In terms of quantity, the number of applications developed on android platforms outnumbers those of iOS platforms. Nonetheless, in terms of quality of application, the accountability tables turn upside down. Unquestionably, the iOS platform boasts unmatched quality especially in the niches of games, children applications, and media.

#2: Complemented User Experience

The user interface on iOS gadgets hasn’t been exposed to major changes. One of the biggest issues for Android is fragmentation. Almost 60% of iPhone users use the latest iOS version. When it comes to Android, the number is far much less (10%). The other fragmentation problem has to do with the vast number of manufacturers and carriers of handsets associated with Android. They don’t update their users with newer versions. Apple not only allows her users to upgrade to the newer versions, she doesn’t allow skinning.

#3: Ease of Compatibility

iOS devices tend to be compliant with one another. Therefore, it becomes effortless for a mobile app development company or a mobile application developer to pay more attention to development rather than compatibility of applications that run on different gadgets. Apple devices boast higher processor speeds and advanced functionalities. iPads and iPhone are increasingly being used by not only the youthful generation but also the business class as well.

#4: Better Power Management

In terms of power management, there’s no doubt that iOS is way ahead. Part of what informs this is the fact that the platform is highly repulsive to third party applications, which run in the background. The other reason is that some Apple devices such as iPhone 4S don’t offer LTW support. When purchasing any phone, one of the factors that you need to pay heed to is battery life. For sure, Apple offers her users a much better satisfaction senses when it comes to the battery life metric.

#5: No Carrier Data

Devices running on Android are overloaded with third party applications that have compromised quality. Some of them charge exorbitant subscription rates. What’s more is that most of the pre-installed applications fall short of their promise in terms of overall experience. That is not the case with Apple. Apple doesn’t permit any unnecessary apps or carrier junk. That is one of the major advantages of iOS over Android.

Final Thoughts

Are you a mobile app developer? If yes, then you should take advantage of iOS’s awe-inspiring features. You stand to enjoy the above benefits and so much more.


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