Will Google Glass Change Internet Marketing?

Here’s the thing about Google Glass- it’s definitely got the technical prowess to make people stand up and take notice. Really, for eyewear installed with a screen that sits right above an individual’s general field of view and features such as an in-built processor, camera, head-tracking orientation sensors and other smart phone equivalent functionalities, that is hardly surprising.

Sure, it’s a cool toy and as a gadget, it’s really out there. But the real question is- how will it affect the Internet marketing industry? Will Internet marketing services be different with its advent and if so, by how much? What will its use be in, say, social media optimization?


At the moment, it’s hard to say. Industry experts and commentators are coming up with predictions and suspected trends that might emerge and affect Internet marketing services but there’s no surety. However, based on this certain possible outcomes scan be considered: At this point, it’s all conjecture.

One promising and progressive development will be, at a glance, search results. So, you wouldn’t really have information at your fingertips rather it will be available at a glance. Because Google Glass will react to vice commands the user will be able to get faster, quicker results that means a more instantaneous search. In saying so, websites will have to align their social media optimization techniques to winning the race when providing these search results.

One of the biggest areas that Google Glass will affect is location specific search. Also, the gadget is optimized for on the spot activity that Google has made no bones about.

But more than that the main factor that will likely affect Internet marketing services is the fact that the gadget is primed for more social interactivity. The functionality to take instant pictures, videos and share them will result in almost immediate Internet marketing by the user of whatever they choose- a product, a venue or a service. Depending on their experience however the marketing could be positive or negative.

For businesses, however, the best they can do at the moment is to position themselves effectively to deal with any changes and trends that Google Glass might bring about in marketing or social media optimization techniques.

One of the tips to follow is to keep an eye out on any developments and trends emerging from Google. It would pay to take seriously any updates about marketing strategy from Google (which haven’t come out as yet) and incorporate them into their business.

The other thing to do is to maintain a very active Google+ profile since the Google Plus local results will be available on Glass instantly and we’re pretty sure there’s a big pay-off for getting into those searches. By maintaining a profile that is robust and consistently informative, the chances of that happening are higher.

Google Glass is high on geographical locations and it’s essentially going to be a geo-specific marketing tool. This will likely have an impact on local businesses and it will make sense to up the ante on trying to be a part of local searches and social media.

Eventually, how Google Glass will fare and what impact it will have on Internet marketing services remains to be seen. It, however, makes complete sense to be prepared via research and awareness for any unusual trends that might emerge.

We’re going to stay tuned and bring you along with us.

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